Ruby Jean Rose was born in Los Angeles, straight into the entertainment business – her father, Bernard Rose, is a director, and her mother, Alexandra Pigg, an actress - which has only encouraged her to become a strongly opinionated, politicised feminist songwriter. When she was 12 years old, just before she was about to go to Santa Monica high school, she moved to Lewes, a small town in the middle of the Sussex Downs. It was here that she started songwriting and performing live.

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Her music took a more political turn after she found herself involved in the Gezi Park riots in Istanbul in late 2013. She was travelling home from living in Asia and when the demonstrations started, she felt compelled to join in. Seeing the brutal way the demonstrators were dealt with by the Turkish police led her to write “Ain’t Gonna Break”. As soon as she got back to the UK, she recorded it with Hydrophonics Workshop; available for free download from Soundcloud.

The ideas kept flowing between Ruby and Hydrophonics Workshop and together they have now completed three EPs; one of mainly cover songs (“London Calling” originally meant for Strummerville & available for free to download from Ruby's website) and two more of original songs (including live favourites such as “I Shiver” and “I Don’t Give a $h*t About Money”).

Ruby moved to Berlin in 2013, where she can now be found performing at local venues as well as busking on the street. She regularly returns to the UK to perform live (she has supported The Beat ft. Ranking Roger, and Dodgy), recording a live headlining gig in her old home town (Live In Lewes – available on I-tunes and Spotify) and to record more new songs… Her latest tracks, “Bad Girls” co-written and produced by Jamie Freeman (lead vocalist of the Jamie Freeman Agreement and the owner of Union Music) and “Diamonds” co-written and produced by Tony McAnaney (songwriter who has worked with John Watt of Fisher Z, Francis Rossi of Status Quo, Brian Johnson of AC/DC and music director of the multi platinum Crocodile Shoes TV series,). “Diamonds” embodies Ruby’s thoughts on the ironies and evils of the modern diamond trade.

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