Flowers by Hugh Harris Album Cover

Flowers Track Listing 1. Lay Lady Down 2. To The Moon And Back 3. Over The Valley 4. Flowers 5. Rain 6. Hurricane 7. Smile 8. Greatest Lover 9. Hostile Roads 10. Seven Days 11. The Letter 12. Naked In … Continued

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Live in Lewes by Ruby Jean Rose
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Retrospective of a lost genius by Hugh Harris album cover
Retrospective Of A Lost Genius
Produced by Hugh Harris
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Smile and Dance
Smile and Dance

Smile and Dance Track Listing 1. My Town 2. Good Morning, Good Night 3. The Wedding Band 4. The Hangover 5. Just The Rain 6. No One Sleeps 7. Endlessly 8. The Nature Boy 9. Live By The Water 10. … Continued

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